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.Home Desktop
Do you have a home computer that has some issues that need to be fixed? If, yes, we are your answer.

We can diagnose your computer right at your place and fix it, however if need be, we can take it to our repair center for futher diagnosis.

If there are any components that needs to be replaced, we can do replacements on motherboards, hard-drives, memory modules etc.

.Server Setup
With our dedicated specialists in the IT support with over 10 years of experience on different platforms.

You can be sure that you will get ultimately best service that you have always promised yourself without any compromise on security aspect.

We can setup your server, and offer you periodic maintenance or alternatively on demand. Service level agreements are available.

.Website Design
We design and develop responsive websites from basic to complex for all industries. In a world where information is vital, having a website will expose your business to a wide range of potential clients.

We design websites that are audience-oriented, yet professional and elegant.

We take into consideration usability issues to give your audience ease of use and control.