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.Linux & Windows
OS Installations
We can install software on your computer including operating systems such as Linux and Windows.

Linux operating system is well-known for its stability, high level security, ease of use and above all free of licencing fees (open source).

We can install genuine software, drivers and updates for both Linux and Windows platforms including security or anti-viruses plus configurations.

.Software & Hardware
Sales / Upgrade
We can supply any computer hardware component at affordable prices. We also sell genuine software for Windows based OS at reasonable prices.

Buying from us is easy. Simply contact us and place your order. A 50% of the total amount must be paid to us when placing orders for both hardware and software.

After which, the rest is paid, when your order is ready for collection.

.Prof. Marketing
Materials / Branding
We design professional yet elegant graphics such as logos, icons and marketing materials like business cards, flyers, posters, letterheads, calendars.

We also do online marketing using social media platforms for companies needing to introduce, promote and to connect their services and products to clients online.

We also print for the customer upon request and at a chargable fee.