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.Virus & Malware
Malwares and viruses are not only annoying, but can render your computer unusable, cause it to freeze even steal sensitive data.

If you suspect your computer could have been attacked, chances are you probably are and urgently in need of our rescue.

It is advisable that you have your computer checked perodically by an IT specialist to stay clear of them.

.PC Preventative
As much as we have seen the need to have computers in our workplace or homes, we can seldom seperate them from our daily lives.

So is the need to look after them, it is crucial to prevent disaster before it strikes, hence we offer preventative maintenace as a service.

Let us check the software and hardware part regularly, so problems can be detected early and solution applied. So you can save!

.Professional Logo
A best logo is all you need. A logo is a public face for your business. It has to look at its best! Don't worry!

All we need is a concept from you and we will do the rest to produce that unique piece of art that will make you stand out from the rest.

We design three different logos based on your original concept so you can have the power to choose. You are etitled to unlimited editions until you are satisfied.